As a Buyer Specialist (which simply means I typically work exclusively with those who are seeking to buy property) I am thankful to have recently gone through the home buying process myself again. I have a fresh perspective on the process from all sides and would like to shed some light on the process.

First of all I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the men and women within the Real Estate industry who make this world go ‘round. From the first- time you contact a realtor to see a property to the time you close on a property there are upwards of 20 people who could potentially work on deadlines and timelines to get you into the property you would like to be in as soon as possible; and some who only get paid when you do.

From the Seller side: Being a seller can be really stressful! I am thankful to have had such an amazing point of contact in Ryan Brown Realtor extraordinaire who was able to educate me on the market and my neighborhood stats as well as helped to me make smart choices as to how to price my home and gave me ideas on making my home more appealing for buyers in our market. Once my home had an accepted contract on it, Ryan and his team helped me go through the timeline of what to do when to get to the closing table. Phew. We made it and will close on the sale of my home this coming Thursday. Hallelujah! With three pre-teens, 2.5 dogs and a Husband running around it was nice to have someone keeping a certain set of ducks in their row and headed in the right direction!

From the Buyer side: This side was easier for me to know what to expect as I do this with other people all the time, but still things are a little different when you’re the one in the hot seat. Suddenly I am having to think through what my make or breaks are? Do I care about school district and how do I feel about having or not having a garage? Is it important to me that the yard is fenced? Stucco or siding? Flat or pitched roof? Thankfully I was able to put into practice the same process I follow when working with my clients and helped myself and my husband narrow down what we can and cannot live without through the ol’ pros and cons list. Hurray! We found a home and were able to get it under contract only to hurry up and wait for the purchase to go through all of the processes until we can close and move in. This process is about a 30-45 day long process with the coordination of home insurance quotes, appraiser schedules, home inspection schedules, getting in and out of underwriting, having Title research both the home and seller as well as you to make certain the home can be bought and sold with a clean title.

Moral of the Story?

Hug the next Realtor, Title officer, Lender you see! They work tirelessly to help get you into the property you would like to be in asap and only get paid when the sale of that property closes.

Happiest of New Years to you! May you be on the path to homeownership that you would like to be on this year! Whether you are moving up, or moving on.