Top Reasons to List Your Home Now


Ryan Brown and The Four Corners Home Team in Farmington, NM has had a record 4th quarter this year and the past two years.  Don't buy into the negative talk and find the right Realtor to sell your home.  

You’ve been hearing different opinions and getting confused whether to list your home during the holidays or not. For instance, some agents are saying that winter season is usually pretty slow whereas other agents say that winter season is just for maintenance or decorating your home to make it beautiful and eventually sell it in the spring or summer season. However, this is really not true. It always depends upon the current trends and real estate market condition to go and list your home or now. This holiday season is actually one of the best periods when you can sell your home for top dollar.


1.     Low Inventory Trend in the US Real Estate Market 

Farmington homes are selling and average prices are up from last year. Today, there is a decreasing inventory market trend going for both new as well as existing homes. You can say that it’s quite lower than anyone could’ve expected it to be. Prices for homes are increasing due to the low inventory trend, and existing homeowners can sell their home more than they can imagine as more and more buyers are coming back to the market to buy homes at the moment. In simple words, when there is a shortage of supply, prices will go up and you can get better price for your homes during the holiday season.

2.     Delayed and Extended Occupancy Available During Holidays

If you’re selling it during this holiday seasons, there are many real estate agents who offer delayed closing or extended occupancy for you till a few days after the New Year. Moreover, if you don’t want to sell your home during the first week of holidays, your agents also have the option to restrict the access of buyers to your home selling ad accordingly.

3.     January – The Best Month to Capture the Market

New job openings are more likely to begin in January every year. Employees will also be switching cities and they often could not wait for spring or summer to buy homes in new cities, they end up purchasing homes in January. Here’s your chance to capture the market during the holidays.

Moreover, people have relatively more time to visit homes during the holiday season and decide whether to buy a particular home or not. Potential buyers are also sometimes willing to pay higher price if they like your well-maintained home.

4.     Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are also low at the moment and therefore, it is quite expected that it will continue to stay low in 2017. It’s a fact that if mortgage rates don’t go up for a long time, buyer will be losing buying power soon and you may have to sell your home on lower prices concerning the low buying power of buyers in the market. However, this is the best time when you can avoid it by listing your home for sale. At start, buyers will be more willing to afford homes with lower mortgage rates. Moreover, if you sell your house now, you’re also likely to get a low interest rate benefit and you can finance you next home or a construction venture soon.

5.     People Also Like to Avoid Taxes

Amazing tax breaks still exist giving perks to home ownership. 

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