Are you ready for some football?! What about an open house?

The weekend is primetime for open houses, but what happens when the nation’s most watched football game happens at the same time? Some agents say to take a timeout, while others are going for the touchdown.

Take a look at what the industry has to say about having an open house on Super Bowl Sunday.


Some people don’t care about the Super Bowl. As Ted Ramirez gently points out, not everyone is a football fan. Having an open house on Super Bowl Sunday can pull in potential buyers who aren’t worried about whether Broncos or Panthers will win.

“If you’re not in the team areas, then yes, yes, yes,” says agent Jennifer Broyles Picard. “The rest of the country will not stop living for the whole day, just the evening.”

Some people don’t care about the #SuperBowl. There’s no need to cancel an open house.


Reduced competition. The Super Bowl is a huge deal, and most people will be at home eating hot wings instead of walking buyers through a property.

But for those who squeeze a little time out of their day to work, there can be huge rewards. Carmen Jiminez-Phillips says she’s successfully sold a listing every Super Bowl Sunday for the past two years.

Reduced competition on Sunday can earn you big points with sellers and buyers.


Open house image via Shutterstock.

Open house image via Shutterstock.

You can mix business and pleasure. Many agents took this route and said to make the open house Super Bowl themed.

Lisa Finks says she’s going to have a “guess the final score game for a $50 prize.” Other agents are planning to provide snack foods and play the game for buyers who’d rather watch the game while their spouse tours the house.

You can mix business with pleasure. Integrate the #SuperBowl with your open house.



It’s not always about “winning.” Over the past year, people have become aware of the phenomenon called “the glorification of busy,” and how it can stop us from unwinding and enjoying the other parts of life.

Some agents encouraged their colleagues to take a day off and enjoy time with family with no distractions. As Matthew Sponaugle says, “Hustle and grind so you can enjoy the time YOU enjoy.”

Cancel the open house! Your business won’t suffer because of a day off.


Will you be sitting this one out or gearing up for another play this Sunday? Share your plans with me in the comments below.

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