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Preparing For Photos and Showings


Inclement Weather

The R&B Real Estate Group's duty is to portray the best photos of your home. Good photos sell homes. If the weather conditions are not acceptable, we will reschedule the photoshoot when the weather is more suitable to show off your home.



We appreciate all efforts by you and/or the tenant to prepare the property for the photo shoot and continue these efforts for all showings. We kindly ask that your forward information to the tenant (if applicable). Completing this checklist will help ensure that the property is as marketable as possible and that our photographer is not delayed in fully capturing the property. Remember that cleanliness and organization sells faster and for more money. Dirt and clutter buy more time on the market.


Exterior: A home’s first impression starts outside.

  • Turn on all outdoor lights (be sure to replace burnt out lights),
  • Mow the lawn, Pull weeds, Trim shrubs, Discard or replace dying flowers, Add fresh mulch,
  • Sweep walkways/patio’s, Clean patio furniture, Wash windows,
  • Contain & organize garden supplies, toys & bikes, place trash bins in an inconspicuous area.
  • Remove vehicles from driveway/front of home. Garage doors are to be closed.


Interior: If you prepare properly, interior photos of your home will generate a lot of interest from prospective buyers.

  • Clear away all clutter and limit personal items (bulky furniture, family photos, kick knacks)
  • Deep clean entire house (or hire a service to do it for you)
  • Wash windows
  • Open all curtains and blinds to let in natural light. Turn on all interior lighting. Dark rooms are not appealing
  • Turn off ceiling fans, televisions and computers
  • Make all beds
  • Remove throw rugs to reveal flooring in entry, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Lower toilet seats and ensure all mirrors are streak free (Water spots and streaks are likely to show up in the images.)
  • Hide pet bowls, litter boxes and trashcans from view
  • Lightly, clean scented air fresheners are a great addition


Other Tips:


First Impressions are lasting: The front door greets prospective buyers. Make sure it is fresh and clean looking. Replace door mats if needed. Keep up with yard maintenance daily. Faded walls and worn walls reduce appeal. You can’t find a better investment when you’re selling than a few cans of paint to brighten the interior.


Fix that faucet: Dripping water may discolor sinks and suggest faulty plumbing


Repairs can make a difference: Make sure appliances are in good working order. Loose knobs, sticking and squeaking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, holes in window screens and other minor flaws detract from home value. Have them all fixed. Don’t let minor repairs be a buyer’s objection. They will move on to the next house that doesn’t have these issues.


From top to bottom: Display the full value of your home from attic to basement to garage. Maximize space by removing all unnecessary items. Make sure closets and storage areas are neat and organized. Cluttered areas/rooms suggest lack of storage and space.


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